La Vie Foundation, a Canadian Federally registered not-for-profit organization, is involved with the development of local communities and neighborhoods in Ontario, Canada and overseas. Presently, it operates in the greater Ottawa Region, and provides technical and financial assistance to grassroots and community organizations.
Part of the overseas operations, La Vie is operating in Bangladesh. It’s activities mostly serve religious minority women and children of Christians, Tribes, and Aboriginal populations located in different regions who have been struggling for their survival and livelihoods for decades together.

Historical Timeline of LA Vie Foundation

  • 2001Journey started

    La Vie started its journey in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2001 while few university graduate students conducting a research on social resource mobilization. Part of the research finding, these students found that the right information dissemination and resource allocation are huge issues for the new immigrants to find a professional job in Canada. They came into a conclusion that Ottawa has available resources to settle the new immigrants, however, due to the improper distribution of the resources, many new immigrants are not being able to search and get a professional job. While many new immigrants used to hold higher positions in their home country, they become frustrated while they do not find a professional job in Canada in their respected field. Before Christmas in 2001, these fresh graduates initiated to serve the needs of a local community in Ottawa. They learned that in this little community there are a few highly professional immigrants who are not getting proper guideline to start their professional life after they immigrated to Canada from different countries. Accordingly, the young graduates have engaged other university graduates to help the newcomers. The goal was to show the right path to the new immigrants so they can start a new journey in Canada.
  • 2001 to 2009Helped more than 100 different communities

    Since 2001 to 2009, these young people tirelessly served the local communities. In Canada, La Vie Foundation is Saving Kids from Drug Abuse, offering an Online Functional Language Course (OFLC), and Promoting Social Enterprise. At the same time La Vie is supporting Bangladeshi minority groups on children education, women empowerment, and saving environment.
  • 2010Initiated some brilliant projects

    La Vie has initiated some exceptional but vital projects which were not initiated by some other NGOs in Bangladesh. For example, it has expanded its projects to boost up some future leaders. La Vie is also contributing to save environment through supplying 'Bandhu Chula' (friendly cooking burner) that consumes about 10% wood in comparison to conventional village cooking burner thus it lowers emission considerably which doesn't have any health problem. Additionally, La Vie is working and providing assistance for local conflict management and displacement due to the environmental changes. Furthermore, La Vie is helping floating people (who live on boat in their whole life) and also focusing on sustainable economic and financial development programs for the women in particular.

La Vie Today


peoples, assisted and motivated

La Vie has already assisted and motivated over 10000 (ten thousand) people.

villages in Bangladesh, already assisted and motivated

La Vie has already assisted and motivated in 100 (hundred) plus villages in Bangladesh in regards to children education and saving environment.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers