More than a thousand Ontario's High School Students are getting the opportunity to fulfill their mandatory community works through La Vie Foundation.

La Vie is saving kids from Drug Abuse

In 2015 alone, 48 Ottawa residents died from unintentional drug overdose; 60% (29) of these were due to opioids and in 14 deaths fentanyl was involved.
The rate of drug overdose increased 32% in Ottawa between 2014 and 2015
Since 2014, fentanyl has been involved in the largest proportion of drug overdose deaths in Ottawa. In Ottawa, unintentional overdose deaths due to opioids were 2.7 times higher during 2009–2015 (24 per year) compared to 2003–2008 (9 per year)
Fentanyl is around 50 to 100 times more toxic than morphine. This makes the risk of accidental overdose much higher.
In 2016, an estimated 23,600 – 46,900 individuals in Ottawa use illicit drugs (excluding cannabis) or opioids taken for non-medical purposes
Ontario’s youths are at risk of Fentanyl

La Vie is creating opportunities for Ontario’s students

Ontario’s High School Graduates are struggling to complete their mandatory community working hours
La Vie is connecting High School Students with different local communities to bring some positive changes in a meaningful way
Ontario’s students are getting opportunities to be oriented with the different cultures and lifestyles

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